This whitepaper is focused on explaining Wavetec’s approach towards designing and managing service areas

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Over the years, organizations engaged in the production and provision of services have defined the revamping of customer’s experience as their top priority within their strategic objectives as this has been the only way to increase their revenue. In practice, however, the actual management of customer’s experience involves an endless number of initiatives that generally lack a precise strategy to lead the path to and focus on achieving results.

Innovation at the service area

Thanks to over 25 years of wide experience at providing solutions to retailers and service areas, at Wavetec we strongly believe that Design Thinking is a crucial tool to assist customers in their efforts to “maximize the experience” at service areas.

Along these lines, we have developed Wavetec Design Scheme, a unique working methodology for the service areas which is executed by professional experts in design areas, anthropology, technology, and retailing processes who also advise customers as to how to develop, implement, and escalate innovative proposals.

Wavetec’s Design Scheme Presentation

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