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Technical Lead – Azimut

Wavetec Private Limited

Job Description

  • Work closely with engineers and product owners to distill technical requirements into achievable user stories and or results
  • Work with internal stakeholders to make sure external project dependencies are properly tracked
  • Plan and manage all project communications, ensuring effective exchange of project information and deliverables to internal and external stakeholders
  • Identify, analyze, prioritize, mitigate and communicate technical risks associated with each project
  • Establish team velocity and release cycles
  • Identify and communicate key performance indicators of the team with reference to the project Develop, maintain and effectively execute software development iterations throughout the life of assigned projects (i.e defining activities, sequence etc)
  • Participate in decisions on what features products should have and their prioritization.
  • Assist with technical feasibility, implementation approach, deployment strategies, and QA efforts

Required Competencies

  • Effectively communicates with both technical and non-technical participants
  • Enjoys understanding details and complex interactions and distilling them into their simplest components
  • Passionate about continually improving processes
  • Passionate about making teams as productive as possible
  • At least a bachelors in the relevant field


  • At least 5 years of experience

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