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Wavetec’s Electronic Queue Management System: A Game-Changer for eVisa Processing in Cameroon


About Cameroon International Airports

Cameroon is a bustling hub of trade and commerce, with its two major international airports, Douala and Yaoundé, serving as gateways to the rest of the world. Both airports are constantly abuzz with activity, as travelers from around the globe pass through their terminals every day.

Douala International Airport is the busiest airport in Cameroon and serves as the primary hub for the country’s international air traffic. Meanwhile, Yaoundé International Airport, located in the country’s capital city, serves as the second-busiest airport in Cameroon.

The Challenge

One of the biggest challenges faced by the Douala and Yaoundé International Airports is the timely issuance of eVisas to travelers arriving in the country. With a growing number of visitors entering Cameroon every day, the airports were struggling to manage the influx of visa applications, leading to long wait times, and thereby, frustrated passengers.

The Solution

The airports turned to Wavetec’s Electronic Queue Management System to address this challenge. The system was deployed at the entrance of the main international airport to help manage the queues and ensure a more orderly and efficient process for visa issuance. With the system in place, travelers could quickly and easily join the appropriate queue based on the type of visa they needed, and staff could better manage the flow of applicants.

In addition to managing the queues, the system also provided a meaningful report of different types of visa issues at arrival. This data was critical in helping airport authorities identify and address any bottlenecks in the visa issuance process and to make improvements to the overall system.

eVisa Processing in Cameroon

Customer Journey

The deployment of Wavetec’s Electronic Queue Management System has had a significant impact on the customer journey at Cameroon’s Douala and Yaoundé International Airports. Here is a step-by-step breakdown of the post-Wavetec solution customer journey:

  1. Arrival: Passengers arriving at the airport are greeted by clear signage directing them to the appropriate visa application area. The signs clearly indicate which queue to join based on the type of visa required, making it easier for travelers to navigate the process.
  2. Join the queue: Travelers can quickly join the appropriate queue using the automated self-service kiosks. The system provides real-time information on estimated wait times and allows passengers to generate tickets.
  3. E-Visa application process: Once in the queue, travelers are directed to the appropriate counter for their e-visa application process. With Wavetec’s system, airport staff can manage the flow of applicants more effectively, reducing wait times and streamlining the overall process.
  4. E-Visa issuance: Once the e-visa application is processed, the system provides a real-time notification to the traveler, directing them to the appropriate counter to collect their visa. With faster processing times and a more streamlined system in place, passengers can collect their e-visas quickly and efficiently.
  5. Exit the airport: With their visas in hand, passengers can move through the airport quickly and smoothly, ready to start their journey in Cameroon.
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  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Reduced wait times
  • Real-time information
  • Streamlined process
  • Meaningful reporting

Faster Visas, Smoother Travel

The deployment of Wavetec’s Electronic Queue Management System has had a significant impact on the efficiency and effectiveness of visa issuance at Douala and Yaoundé International Airports. Travelers can now enjoy a smoother and more streamlined visa application process, reducing the stress and frustration of long wait times. At the same time, airport staff can manage the queues more effectively, resulting in faster visa processing times and a better overall travel experience for all.