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ADX Stock Exchange modernizes its displays with Wavetec’s state-of-the-art information display solutions


About ADX

Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX.) is a leading stock exchange situated in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE). This exchange serves many industries including but not limited to banking, insurance, services, hotels, etc., with global reach and impact!

The growth of this exchange has helped economic diversification and the proliferation of sustainable finance. And in light of this, a new trading floor was planned, built and opened at the exchange in September 2021. This new floor offers modern infrastructure and technological facilities to support all stakeholders.

To make the above possible, Wavetec was brought on board in February 2021 to provide real-time information display systems, capable of digital signage, and management solutions for the trading hall.

Project requirements

The developers wanted to afford the investor with a seamless and simple visitor journey. The investor would visit the trading hall, guided, informed and engaged by Wavetec screens that display real-time financial market data. Also, the ADX switched locations and designed the new space according to modern standards.

ADX required that the facilities available to investors and traders be industry-leading, optimized and integratable for additional convenience.


In response to the requirements, Wavetec deployed the following information display systems:

‘Curved’-shaped screen (21 meter)

  • Resolution of 12672 x 864 pixels, with pixel pitch of 1.5mm
  • Dimensions of 21 meters (length) x 1.35 meters (height), wide landscape screens
  • Utilized for displaying video content along with the market data

Ceiling Hanging Screens

  • Set of 5 screens hanging from the ceiling in a pentagon-formation
  • Resolution of 1600 x 720 pixels each, with pixel pitch of 1.8mm
  • Dimensions of 3 meters (length) x 1.35 meters (height), HD landscape screens
  • Utilized for displaying video content along with market data

Column Screens

  • Set of 5 screens fixed on the column pillar in a pentagon-formation
  • Resolution of 768 x 1080 pixels each, with a pixel pitch of 1.5 mm
  • Dimensions of 1.2 meter (length) x 1.687 meter (height), HD portrait screen
  • Utilized for displaying video content
ADX 10
Thumbnail optimized
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The phases of deployment

Installation Phase


‘Curved’-shaped screen being assembled


‘Curved’-shaped screen being assembled


Column and hanging screens during the assembly process

Completion Phase


Hanging and column screens


‘L’-shaped screen installed


Saeed Hamad Al Dhaheri, Chief Executive of Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange, commented:

“We are pleased to reveal ADX’s new brand, which represents our forward momentum and dynamism as a rapidly transforming exchange. The modern look and feel of the new ADX trading floor are in line with its investments in modern infrastructure and market technology. The streamlined style of the new logo symbolises the market’s role as a link to regional and international capital markets.

And nowhere is this dynamism more evident than in our new premises, which houses some of the latest market technologies. Our new location has been designed to ensure a seamless experience for anyone looking to invest or list on the ADX.”

Commenting on the occasion, H.E. Mohammed Ali Al Shorafa Al Hammadi, Chairman of Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange, said:

“After 20 years of operation, ADX has reached a new stage of growth as demonstrated by the robust growth in market capitalisation, more sophisticated products and services, and a strong pipeline of listings. ADX’s new visual identity represents its position today as the second largest exchange by market capitalisation in the region, while the new location provides a state-of-the art platform to advance the exchange’s ambitious growth strategy and support Abu Dhabi Government’s vision for a fully diversified economy.”