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LED screen Supplier reliability is important!
July 26, 2013
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Increase operational efficiency through Queue Management
July 31, 2013
Be realistic! In real world customer flow and long queues exist. Customer queues are part of daily life. A service environment has to deal with customer queues, particularly the customers in retail store, banks, restaurants, hospitals, etc. Each customer arrives to avail different types of services. Make most out of your customer waiting time, make it pleasing and hassle free. Here’s how to make things work in your customer’s best interest:

Keep your customers occupied
Occupy your customer’s time and keep them busy. Wavetec provides Donatello, a digital signage solution which allows users to play videos, news, advertisement or other necessary information. It allows you to interact with customers, yet at the same time keep them informed about their turn, and seamlessly integrate Donatello with Wavetec’s queue management system.

Reduce line anxiety
Optimize your customer movement as they arrive for service. Create a service delivery environment which enhances your business performance, by organizing customers, their wait time and overall experience. Wavetec’s electronic queue management system is the ultimate solution to reduce customer anxiety. Make sure your customer knows what’s happening around while they wait for their turn. Businesses can select linear or virtual queuing styles, according to their customer service environment.

Wait time anxiety
Make sure your customer know their wait time. If the customers are unaware about actual wait time they become annoyed, irritated and impatient. With the use of Wavetec’s Customer Display Solution (CDUs), customers can be kept informed about their wait time and turn.

Endorse fairness
Promote queues in fair and organized manner. As the service begins, customers feel content. Wavetec’s Ticket Dispensing Unit generates a ticket for each customer. The ticket generated from TDU provides customers with complete detailed information regarding customer wait time, ticket number, and counter number. The ticketing system enables fairness in queues. However, in certain cases, priority based calling system can also be added.

After a smooth flow, it’s the time for customer feedback
Customer centric organizations want to know their customer’s insight, in order to provide better serve each time. Wavetec’s customer feedback unit allows you to know customer’s level of satisfaction. It gives you an opportunity to develop a competitive edge over others, by creating a positive experience for your customers.