Wavetec, the leading edge technology company, proudly sponsored the World Exchange Congress 2015, which is one of the most prestigious events, that brings together CEOs and CTOs from the entire trading venue community in one place at one time. The Congress came back to London after nine successful years, and celebrated its tenth anniversary from March 24 to 25 at Bishopsgate London.

Revolving around the theme “Strategy, Opportunity and Innovation for Trading Venues”, the World Exchange Congress had on board more than 300 attendees including Exchange CEOs, CTOs and Heads of technology from the global financial sector, and presented a brilliant opportunity to Wavetec to demonstrate its experience of reforming 23 stock exchanges worldwide and showcase its innovative technological solutions to the leading players of the financial universe.Wavetec’s expertise, modern digital solutions and customization abilities account for its noteworthy customer portfolio, and impressive brand identity.

Participating in WEC for the second time, Wavetec displayed its Stock and News ticker, and its Information Video Wall backed by its Information Display System at the venue, and engaged in discussions explaining the viability of financial market displays to the esteemed participants that visited its booth. Financial market displays play a vital role in exchanges in terms of enabling real-time financial information dissemination, upholding trading activities, and establishing the base for alternative sources of revenue through advertising and promotions during IPOs and other corporate events.

Wavetec’s General Manager, Tobias Bessone, represented Wavetec at the World Exchange Congress, and talked about the role of super displays and other technologies in Exchange Visibility and Promotion during a round table discussion. Commenting on Wavetec’s participation in WEC for the second time, he said “Having provided innovative displays to over 23 exchanges worldwide, we are excited to be a global leader in the sphere of financial market displays. Interaction with key personnel from several leading exchanges reflected the importance of enhancing visibility of exchanges by equipping them with advanced technological displays to project the image of modern trading venues, and strengthening their indoor and outdoor channels to display information on the fly that captures investor’s attention and is effective for decision making. The World Exchange Congress 2015 presented us with a brilliant opportunity to showcase our solutions to the financial market on a grand platform.”

The two day conference spanned over speaker sessions, seminars, round table sessions, interviews and debates, and presented a holistic picture of the significance, progress, emerging trends, and the future of stock exchanges, and the role of technology in emerging and frontier markets.Representing more than 50 countries, WEC included focus sessions for Europe, Middle East, America, Asia and Africa.The first day of the Congress entailed discussions on building capital markets, seeking innovation, and looking forward to crowdfunding, whereas the second day included discussions that were about regulation, surveillance, and technology & expansion.

March 28, 2015

Wavetec’s amazing participation at the World Exchange Congress 2015

Wavetec, the leading edge technology company, proudly sponsored the World Exchange Congress 2015, which is one of the most prestigious events, that brings together CEOs and […]