enya Commercial Bank is one of the largest Banks in Africa with a total asset base of US $ 3.5 Billion, with a Pre-tax profit of US $ 200 Million, operating 173 branches in Kenya. It is one of the fastest growing banks in Kenya with a vision to become the preferred financial solutions provider in Africa with global reach.

Today Kenya Commercial Bank inaugurated Wavetec’s Electronic Queue Management System at KCB Head Office, MOI Avenue branch which includes 36 counters with an average 2000 tickets issued daily. The inauguration ceremony started with a small play

showing transformation of customer experience at KCB from chaos to a highly organized environment. With the transformation in technology and the IT industry KCB recognized there was a chance to improve customer experience to deliver excellence and for this reason selected Wavetec’s Queue Management Solution.

Being a customer centric organization, Kenya Commercial Bank selected Wavetec’s Electronic Queue Management System (EQMS) to enhance their customer experience and continue their focus on putting their valuable customer first as one of their core values.

The Solution:

With the increasing number of customers the conventional system installed at KCB branches became incapable of responding to the customer flow. The decision to implement Wavetec’s Electronic Queue Management System (EQMS) is one of the many innovations KCB is incorporating into its branch networks. The EQMS Solution provided by Wavetec to KCB integrates advanced set of features that delivers the true value of technology for the success of creating customer experience.

Wavetec has currently installed EQMS in 16 branches of KCB with many more to follow. EQMS is a complete end to end solution which helps management of long queues and monitoring real time performances such as average service time, wait time, and employee productivity. It will help KCB in achieving superior business value.

KCB is further planning to install more than 500 counters this year, including Wavetec’s solutions such as Self Service Kiosk, Opinion Plus – Customer Feedback Units and Donatello – Digital Signage Solution at all branches backed by the Central Content Management System. Moreover, KCB’s 10 branches in Juba, Sudan are underway with installations of Wavetec’s EQMS.

The Managing Director of KCB Mr. Samuel thanked Wavetec for setting up the system in a record time of 2 months and decided to expand EQMS in 100 branches by June next year. He further mentioned that at least 3 major African Banks have contacted KCB to discuss their experience of installing Wavetec’s EQMS.

Wavetec’s solutions have gained recognition and visibility in the African market due to the installations done at Equity Bank, Emirates Airline office, NOKIA Care outlets, Kenya Power Customer service centre and now Kenya Commercial Bank’s 16 branches has further strengthened the belief in Wavetec’s solutions in the African market. This inaugural event was covered by African TV and print media.

September 23, 2013

Kenya Commercial Bank Inaugurates Wavetec’s Electronic Queue Management System in 16 Branches across Africa

enya Commercial Bank is one of the largest Banks in Africa with a total asset base of US $ 3.5 Billion, with a Pre-tax profit of […]
September 21, 2013

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