Strategies to improve customer flow and line efficiencies
July 31, 2013
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Follow the Ice Berg rule when selecting LED Screen manufacturers
August 2, 2013
service design work wavetec
Any business can increase and enhance their operational efficiency by managing the queues in quickest and most cost effective ways. The basic purpose of queue management system is to move customers, in through and out of lines, in a quick way. The increased market competitiveness in the business, everyone is trying to gain competitive advantage. With little product differentiation, businesses are striving to differentiate their offering by creating a positive customer experience.

Linear queuing versus virtual queuing
Mostly businesses used linear or virtual queuing styles. In linear queue style, individuals are physically present and standing in properly formed lines. The linear queue management follows the philosophy of first come, first serve basis. Linear queue can be further extended into single lines or multiple lines, depending on the rate of customer flow. Linear queue strategy increases the speed of customer service and reduces the waiting time and serving time for each customer. Linear queue style can also be integrated into electronic queue management system. The linear queues in electronic queue management system reduce customer wait time and increase operational efficiency by 35%.

Virtual queuing allows customer to wait for their turn without physically standing in long queues. The virtual queue works by generating a ticket by ticket dispensing unit or SMS notification. In virtual queuing system, customer is aware about his turn, utilizing the available time by actively engaging in useful activities.

Display Solutions
Businesses often overlook the way their customer see queue management. Customer flow can immensely become effective once they are clear about the flow of movement from arrival to exit. Digital signage solutions including Plasmas, LCDs, LEDs, CDUs and SDUs could actually involve customers understanding customer service. The display solutions help in managing information at service areas, increasing operational efficiencies.

Organized queues generate profitability
The queue management system allows business to increase customer flow. As the customer flow increase the business profitability increases. Transforming manual queue to electronic queue management helps business in creating a huge impact on operational efficiencies, increased customer loyalty and economic value.