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The new era of LED Display Marketing
August 28, 2013
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Studying the Relationship between Innovation and Strategy
September 8, 2013
service design work wavetec
The retail industry deals with large number of customers each day. The checkout lines at a retail outlet are considered to be one of the most critical juncture. But the worst part here is that retails do not pay much attention towards managing these checkout lines. The retailers think that once the customer enters into checkout line, the sale is almost done. But this is not the case, customers get frustrated and annoyed while waiting in long checkout lines. Hence, the retailers must understand the importance of a queue management system.

A customer will not consider returning to a retail outlet with unmanaged queues and unpleasant experience. The retail outlets must integrate their existing customer checkout lines with queue management system. The customer wait time is an important indicator of how well checkout lines are operating by representatives.

Queue management system can help retailers by creating a positive customer experience by reducing wait time and increasing service efficiency. Retailers can adapt to linear queues or virtual queues. The customers will know when their turn is and it will reduce their perceived time, while allowing the retailers to interact with their customer through digital signage solution. The digital signage solution helps retails in informing their customers about new products, services or brands. This reduces the wait time of customers and increases the impulse buying, resulting in profitability for the retailers.