Follow the Ice Berg rule when selecting LED Screen manufacturers

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It is important for a customer to know their seller. LED screen manufacturers can cheat you with their big brands creating a hoax for you. Please believe after seeing the complete picture. A small ice berg may float above showcasing the 10 percent, while the 90 percent remains beneath. This creates confusion in the minds of customers, which LED manufacturer to select?!

To clear this confusion and have a better understanding, you must know what actually a real “LED screen manufacturer” is.

Getting started
The LED screen manufacturer does not merely sells or installs LEDs, but they must have an established facility where they develop electronic mechanisms to control and manage these LEDS. The LED manufacturer must have skills and competencies to lead the project from the start till the end. The real LED manufacturer must be involved in doing following things:

a) Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs): All LEDs are not same. The PCBs installed in LEDs allows user to create, edit and process designs for circuit boards, as a pathway of defining footprints. PCBs are an essential component of LED screens responsible for the effectiveness and quality of the display.

b) Control and Management Software: This software is important to control and manage the activities to be undertaken on LED screens, including changing brightness, contrast, gamma, etc. A high tech and advanced development competencies and skills are required to develop these two high critical components. We have been designing PCBs and software for past many years, undergoing several innovations and added value features.

Distinguishing yourself
In order to maintain the difference among yourself and other LED manufacturer, the production site visit is must. Allow your customers to interact and meet team members. The real LED manufacturer can be distinguished by the heavy amount of investment they have made where they operate. They must possess following:

a) Research and Development Lab
b) Production Area
c) Electronic Design Lab
d) Oscilloscope
e) Climate Control tools for LEDs
f) Mechanical design office

The end result
The customers must keep in mind that what is visible may also be deceive. Try not to get tricked with fake LED manufacturers, as you will end up with nothing but loss.