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July 27, 2015
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Steve Jobs, is an icon who achieved worldwide recognition due to his focus on design which is visible in Apple’s brand identity and the company’s high level of sophistication in its product portfolio. On one occasion he quoted “Design is not just what it looks like and feels. Design is how it works”.

To state, design is reflected in everything we do in our daily life is not new. Objects, scenarios, interactions are all included in this idea, although it is normally associated with aesthetic appearance.

In the domain of organizations, managers are also discovering themselves as designers when facing the challenge of formulating new strategies leading to business success. Resource management requires certain skills related to the use of tools as well as having a clear focus on goals. In doing so, business, clients and environment understanding becomes the main aspects of corporate sustainability.

Alpo Keinänen CEO – muodot

Physical space, especially service areas, is one of the most critical factors to manage. On one hand, it is an ecosystem where staff, technology and service provision area converge, with all their complexities. On the other hand, it is a truly common ground for the company and its customers.

In this regard, designing of service areas includes many characteristics related to the place, ergonomics and the intention of visually depicting the brand’s look & feel. This is where Muodot, a Finnish agency adds value. Muodot provides consulting services to organizations across a variety of industries and business verticals in the design of physical service areas for the efficiency and optimization of the service experience.

Muodot is an agency based in Oulu, Finland that combines its design services for retail, industrial and graphic design to develop and implement specialized solutions in various industries. With Alpo Keinänen’s leadership, founder and CEO, they have been creating impressive spaces with retail companies for over 15 years, so as to provide outstanding customer experiences. These are the collaborative processes built using several methodologies such as Design Thinking, which serve to achieve innovative results.

Some of the Finnish agency’s most successful projects are NOKIA and RAY. In the first scenario, the stores design project was developed for the telecommunications company. For RAY, the project involved not only the playroom design, but also the industrial design and the concept of the game points for this company within Finland´s Slot Machine Association.

Understanding business results and the company’s needs were the key focus of Muodot in its project management for the most recognized companies such as Nokia, Ray, among others, where visually attractive spaces were successfully implemented for customers, achieving business goals based on productivity, efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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Nokia stores designed by Muodot

RAY stores designed by Muodot