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Escalating Demand of LED Displays in Airline Industry
October 18, 2013
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Real time reporting for better decision making
December 18, 2013
service design work wavetec
Nowadays it is not enough to offer quality products or services. The increasing competition, customer demands, and continuous competitive pricing have altered the Telecom Industry globally. The customers today want more than just service value and that is Customer Experience.

Conventionally customer management at Telecom was done on first come first serve basis but, at present these Telecom must adapt to new contemporary customer management solutions to increase efficiency and create a whole Customer Experience. The Telecom industry is expanding rapidly as the number of customer has increased. The Telecom industry plays in a highly competitive environment and they must maintain retain customers.

Customer Experience has always been one of the most difficult challenges faced by Telecom Sector. There are long queues of customers at Telecoms waiting to be served. With no queue management system in place there is a complete chaotic situation. After waiting for a long time, they receive service and leave teleco frustrated. This also creates issues in gathering customer feedback.

Wavetec’s WaveSphere is the ultimate solution to Telecom’s Customer Experience. Wavetec’s WaveSphere is a concept that provides unmatched customer experiences and offers a range of customer touch points that strategically Organize, Engage and Measure the customers’ entire journey from the point it enters the service area to the point when the customer leaves.