June 1, 2012

The Future of Static Displays

The blog should more or less be 7 words – “Their is no future of static display”. Only if it was that easy to convince people, the world would be much more different. Imagine, how many ideas would have come and despite them being brilliant,
June 19, 2012
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Who says LED Displays are just for entertainment and customer management purposes?

I remember only 2 years ago I came across a trending video on YouTube. It seemed interesting and so I gave it a view. It made me realize two very important things.
July 25, 2013
service design work wavetec

LED walls work no matter what temperature

LED Walls work no matter how cold it might be! In this extreme weather conditions, our clients are concerned whether LED Screens can sustain such temperature or not.
July 26, 2013
service design work wavetec

LED screen Supplier reliability is important!

Suppliers are imperative for businesses to grow. In order to satisfy customer, business opt for supplier on whom they can rely on quality, reliability, consistency, fast service and better product each time.