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Maria Ashfaq

Content Strategist Maria Ashfaq is a Content Strategist at Wavetec who is determined to transform the company’s online presence through crafting compelling content. Maria works closely with the Marketing team to strategize and execute content plans to drive engagement and conversions.


mcdonald's self service kiosks

The Benefits of McDonald’s Self Ordering Kiosks

In today’s fast-paced world, the customer experience has become a fundamental aspect of success in the highly competitive fast-food industry.…
digital signage for hotels

Digital Signage for Hotels: Engage and Impress Your…

In this blog: Digital signage for hotels can transform the visitor experience. You can use these signages effectively to engage,…
Wavetec Black Friday Toolkit For Crowd Management

Wavetec’s Toolkit for Black Friday Crowd Management

In this blog: Prepare yourself for the upcoming shopping season with Wavetec’s customer experience solutions for Black Friday crowd management…
digital transformation trends

A Look at 2023’s Digital Transformation Trends

In this Blog: Familiarize yourself with the latest digital transformation trends for 2023. Transform how you run business and experience…
self service airport kiosk

Airport Kiosk: A Gateway to Convenient Traveling

In this blog: Learn how an airport kiosk enhances the traveling experience and streamlines the flow of travelers at the…
Best Whatsapp Business API Provider

Best WhatsApp Business API Providers: All You Need…

In this blog: Learn about the best WhatsApp Business API providers and explore the various WhatsApp business solutions being offered…
KYC in banking

The Importance of KYC in Banking

In this Blog: Learn about KYC in banking, its pivotal role, and how Wavetec revolutionizes this process, ensuring seamless and…
restaurant queue management system

How to Manage Queues in Restaurants

In the bustling world of hospitality, restaurants often find themselves facing the challenge of managing long queues, especially during peak…
airport digital sigange

Optimizing Airport Operations with Airport Digital Signage

  In this blog: Explore the impact of airport digital signage and learn how they can optimize the airport operations.…
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