Corporate Social Responsibility

Responsibility at Wavetec

Aligned with our Values

We are deeply committed to supporting the social and economic development of the environment in which we coexist. At Wavetec, we understand our role as responsible global corporate citizen and engage in diverse initiatives and projects that directly impact areas pertaining to education and entrepreneurship.

Family Friendly

The wellbeing of our families is at the core of our culture as we at Wavetec well appreciate the challenges that our parents and families face in managing their responsibilities. This forms the foundation for many of our “Family Friendly Initiatives”. These initiatives include from allowing extra time to care for loved ones to family health and educational support programs.

Initiatives have also been taken to create a kid -friendly work environment which allows parents to bring their kids to the workplace, if ever the need arises, this also creates a sense of belongingness and comfort zone for the kids at their parents’ workplace. We also believe that early child and parent bonding is at the core of cultivating a happier tomorrow and therefore we at Wavetec have also developed initiatives where parents can take extra time to care for their newborns.


Organisations, as wealth-producing agents, are crucial for economic growth. At Wavetec, we employ our vast experience in order to mentor and train fresh entrepreneurs. We also invest in new technology based start-ups with potential for growth and hence create new employment opportunities in the community.


At Wavetec, we believe contributing to the communities around us is vital to running a business successfully and fulfilling our responsibility as citizens of the world.

We diligently took up the opportunity to finance a school campus of The Citizen Foundation at Keti bunder, an underprivileged area In Pakistan in order to ensure education is imparted to the youth of the area.Other than funding a school branch, Wavetec’s employees in Pakistan actively participate in the mentor-ship program “Rahbar” launched by TCF, which is aimed at the development of youth as responsive individuals and productive members of the society.

We look forward to exploring social initiatives for a prosperous future. If you wish to partner with us, kindly fill the form below.

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