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At Wavetec, we aim to deliver HR excellence and business partnerships.

The HR department follows the mission “a great company requires great people”.

As a team, HR focuses on 3 main areas: Hiring the best talent, fostering continuous personal and professional growth and enriching the overall experience at Wavetec. They work to ensure a culture where employees feel valued and respected and to create an environment where people get inspired to perform exceptionally. As a part of the Human Resources team, you will be helping select and develop talent in all our global offices along with improving effectiveness and responsibility to manage the companies most valuable assets – its people.

Being in Wavetec is like being the final striker of a tie breaker in the finale of a football match! It makes you break through your comfort zone; merge with a diversified lot of people who have high competency along with an opportunity to bag the victory home.

The open and collaborative culture is my favorite part of working with Wavetec. We are an extremely collaborative group of people who really love working with each other. Wavetec is a company that really values creativity and innovation and I feel fortunate enough to be part this close knit family. At Wavetec, you will see all people doing things together regardless of the position they hold. One of the most valuable experience that I have had here is the endless trust and support that I have received while taking initiatives and all out of the box techniques to drive them on my own.

Wavetec is one company that gives you maximum empowerment and trusts to do your own things and make your own decisions; it’s about taking ownership of your actions and decisions. Thus, its a win-win situation. Growth is promised personally and professionally at an entirely global arena.



Fuel your career by devising innovative solutions to complex problems in forecasting, accounting, compliance, and project management.

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Grow Wavetec customer acquisition trajectory by establishing, tracking, optimizing, and accelerating growth across all channels.

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Supply Chain

Our Supply Chain Management team creates value and manages risk by providing an integrated supply chain, built on exceptional performance and empowered people.

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Sales at Wavetec is not just about closing deals, it is about creating long term relationships, understanding customer demands and providing them solutions that best fit their needs.

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Operations & Customer Support

Our Wavetec contact Centers work towards a single goal: to deliver the best possible support experience to our customers.

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Product Development

We bring engineering ideas to life. In Product Development, we make driving more exciting, enjoyable and sustainable.

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