LED Road Signs

LED Road Signs Wavetec
LED Road Signs Wavetec
LED Road Signs Wavetec
LED Road Signs Wavetec
Road signs leading to any particular venue are the perfect opportunity to begin welcoming, directing and informing customers. Parking, way finding, courtesy information and availability status signs reduce congestion and allow patrons to begin enjoying the overall experience by creating an easier and more controlled Traffic method.

How do Transportation Authorities benefit from our LED Display Solutions?

  • Real-time traffic management
  • Ability to monitor and react to roadway incidents in real time:
    • Real-time safety messages and warnings
    • Real-time traffic and weather updates
  • Effective traffic management: speed limits based on current traffic conditions
  • Stress-free drivers
  • Smooth and safe flow of traffic, especially during peak hours
  • Network of sings managed from one central location
  • Customized software solution for road signs networks