Donatello for Restaurants

Digital Signage is today’s fastest growing advertising medium and Donatello serves you well.Restaurants have used Digital Signage to advertise their latest deals and promote their brand, now restaurants have also started using Digital Menu Boards to display their menus and prices. Picasso allows creating of rich attractive menus which can be combined with other promotional options such as combo meals, discounts and new additions to the menu.

Benefits for Restaurants:

  • High quality customizable menus with pictures, videos and animations.
  • Table option to create properly structured menus.
  • Display appetizing picture of each menu item to increase sales.
  • Control multiple branches from a single database. 
  • Get real time status of each display.
  • Get immediate error message if a display encounters a problem.
  • Use scheduler to display special breakfast deals and midnight deals.
  • Modify menus for all branches instantly.