Indoor Full Color LED Video Ticker

The Indoor Full Color LED Video Ticker is the ideal media-friendly data scroller for close indoor viewing. Information can be updated remotely, delivered via real time feeds and can be displayed using a variety of screen layouts customized for market or financial data, news headlines or promotional messaging, and much more. Wavetec Video Ticker Series gives you the freedom and ability to create a dynamic, media-rich environment in any location.

  • High resolution image reproduction
  • Ultra bright display with superior contrast
  • Ideal for imagery with wide viewing angles
  • Multilingual support with variable scroll speed
  • State of the art SMT (3 in 1) LED technology
  • Energy efficient display
  • Scalable in length and height
  • Long life technology
  • Playback online and offline content
  • Powerful software for content control and scheduling


Information Data updates (financial, sports, weather, time, alerts)
Images Static or dynamic animation and slideshows
Video All standard formats supported with option for live broadcast
Internet Display live web pages with dynamic content
Widgets Custom-built apps made by Wavetec
Messaging Simple data entry, data feeds, live feed formats